Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Celtic Masters Schedule

Please see the below links to morning and afternoon draft programs for the Celtic Masters.
Please check the start list around the pool as Heat and Lane numbers may change.

On Saturday,

  • Registration and t-shirt collection will be upstairs on the Concourse under the scoreboard from 8.30am. 
  • Swimmers are asked to park their cars at the far end of the car park.

Anybody who wants to go to The Bell, Blanchardstown for hot food must book and pay in advance if they didn't do so on their entry form. Food will be served at 6.30pm.

Warm up 9:00 am. Start 9:45 am. 
Best of luck to everyone swimming!

Please note: Due to the gala on Saturday and the bank holiday the following weekend, there will be NO TRAINING either this Saturday 22nd or Monday 31st.